B&G Service and Repair Specialist

A Brookes and Gatehouse Service and Parts Specialist!
Myles has 28 years experience working almost exclusively with Brookes and Gatehouse as an authorized service provider, as well as other top brands of marine electronics.

A variety of services:

  • Service and repair of all models of Brookes and Gatehouse instruments
  • Worldwide Repair Service
  • Flexible turn around time. Same day turn around when needed

Service for the all B&G Products including:

H3000, the H2000, and the H1000, Hercules 2000, Hercules790, Hercules 690, Hydra 2000, Hydra 2, Hydra 330, Hydra-pilot, Hercules-pilot Full Function Displays, 20/20 displays
Network products- range, Speed, Depth, Quad, Wind, Pilot, VHF, Nav, Data, Engine,
Hercules 190, Hercules 290, Hercules 390, Computer Units, Master Display Unit, Sensor Interface Box, MFDs, Analogs.
Hornet 4 sailing monitor, Hecta Depth, HS 911, HS921, Hunter, Main Displays, Cruise Repeater, Race Repeater, Nav Repeater, Digital and Analog Repeaters.