B&G Service and Repair Specialist

A Brookes and Gatehouse Service and Parts Specialist!
Myles has 28 years experience working almost exclusively with Brookes and Gatehouse and as well as other top brands of marine electronics.

A variety of services:

  • Service and repair of all models of Brookes and Gatehouse instruments
  • Worldwide Repair Service
  • Flexible turn around time. Same day turn around when needed

Service for the all B&G Products including:

H3000, the H2000, and the H1000, Hercules 2000, Hercules790, Hercules 690, Hydra 2000, Hydra 2, Hydra 330, Hydra-pilot, Hercules-pilot Full Function Displays, 20/20 displays
Network products- range, Speed, Depth, Quad, Wind, Pilot, VHF, Nav, Data, Engine,
Hercules 190, Hercules 290, Hercules 390, Computer Units, Master Display Unit, Sensor Interface Box, MFDs, Analogs.
Hornet 4 sailing monitor, Hecta Depth, HS 911, HS921, Hunter, Main Displays, Cruise Repeater, Race Repeater, Nav Repeater, Digital and Analog Repeaters.
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